Pizza is not Pizza anymore

I have never really gotten over how different Pizza is from where I was born in denmark, but I have also now been here long enough to have seen various Pizza chains changing quality, and I dont know if I am just unlucky but they can also not seem to be consistant, I remember a time where you knew what you were getting when you ordered, now it is completely random how much sauce and how much cheese etc.

I have deemed the customization panel for the Suggestion Panel. like today I ordered a medium pan pizza from Dominos, no extra anything, if was soaked in sauce and cheese, the peperoni was piled high and well there were parts of the crust that was completely RAW, yes Raw dough as in not cooked. I think they must be aware of these mistakes as getting a free pizza was as easy as clicking a button online.

My wife is the biggest Pizza consumer in the world, but today she told me she is just about ready to give up on Pizza, and if she says that it is really BAD.

And what about the Prices? and I am not nesesarily talking about the food itself, but the delivery fees and convinience fees piling up, by the time you are ready the price of your food have almost doubled, todays pizza for a 1 topping, medium pizza came to $25 and I am telling you the Pizza is NOT worth that much, that is regular restaurant price.

Just thought I would spill the beans or in this case the Pizza.

They are all the same

Once and again I have to watch live TV and tonight it was my wife wanting to watch the American Music Awards, so being that I am a cord cutter I have to go find a service with LIVE streaming and hopefully a good trial because those services are expensive.

So I went with a 7-Day Trial of, a fairly new service, and boy is it ever ugly on all platforms, you can see the Chrome Browser interface above, The service itself is going no bigger than 720P, which in itself is outragious at a price of $55 a month.

My ISP offers TV packages starting at $35 per month, which again makes it rather deplorable that these streaming services get away with charging so much, for the most part they just offer a UI for free channels, there is of course the attempt of offering a few movies.

Vidgo comes in on the cheaper side of Live streaming TV, but it is still no match for services like HULU Live Tv or Youtube Live, andm y prediction is that in a competative market like streaming services like Vidgo wont last very long, at least not until they revise their monthly price.

Twitter Blue

I had to try Twitters new premium service “Twitter Blue”, right now it is $2.99 per month for USA and $3.99 for Canada, before I go on we can agree this is not a lot of money and in my opinion you are not getting that much for the money, I for one would have liked a indication that you are a paying member somewhere, like verification etc.

What you get is a few features such as

  • Themes
  • Custom app Icons
  • You can also unsend a tweet up to 60 seconds after you press send
  • Schedule tweets
  • Custom navigation
  • 10 minute videos
  • a bunch of news sources that will not show you advertising with Twitter Blue.

I included the settings screens from the App in this post, then you can pretty much see what you get and judge for yourself if you want to sacrifice a cup of coffee to have these features.

I personally dont think I am going to continue next month, but then again I might give it a few months to see what they add to the service, what about you? will you be trying the new service?

If you want to sign up you can find Twitter Blue in your settings on your twitter account.